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Phone:  828-877-4404


Closed Mondays

Tues. 11am to 8pm

Wed. 11am to 8pm

Thurs. 11am to 8pm

Fri. 11am to 8pm

Sat. 11am to 8pm

Sun. 11am to 4pm



Hawg Wild Barbecue is located in one of Western North Carolina's most beautiful areas, Transylvania County, at the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest. Hawg Wild can hold a total of 130 guests at a time, with 92 guests in the main dining area and about 40 in an enclosed banquet room.


Catering, private parties, and bulk carry-out available. Open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner.


91 Pisgah Hwy.

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

© 2016 Hawg Wild BBQ


Don & Sandy Brown - Owners

How it all started . . . 


It all began for Don Brown, a Brevard native, in the 1980s. Don went into the Air Force and also worked on a tobacco farm. Every Friday, there was a man, Mr. Davis, that cooked barbecue behind his house in Pikeville. And every Friday, everyone would go eat barbecue. "In fact, everybody would get all excited about it," Don says. "I didn't understand 

Hawg Wild BBQ About Us

what the big deal was, I didn't even eat the first day. I think I ate part of the chicken and threw the pork away. But the next Friday came around and we went back to Mr. Davis' house, and I ate a little bit more. In a couple of weeks, come 11:30am, my mouth would begin to water. It was eastern North Carolina-style barbecue. I loved it."


After discovering what would later become his career, Don sampled many others types of barbecue in the eastern part of the state every Sunday. He was also influenced by Randy McCall who owns barbecue restaurants in Goldsboro, Morehead City, and Jacksonville.


Hawg Wild initially opened in December of 1997. But on July 7, 2001, a late-night fire literally brought Hawg Wild to its knees. Looking back on the devastating incident, Don says it was actually a blessing in disguise. "Every burden that was on me was lifted and gone. There are so many blessings that came from that fire. Our family has spent more time together, all of us." Although the rebuilding effort was exhausting. As far as restarting, its exciting, but difficult. Putting in countless amounts of hours. The final result of the new Hawg Wild, Don says "I love it.

We'll get a photo of him up soon!

Jonathan Owen - General Manager

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